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BJJ Compression Gear is Important for Your Sessions

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ as it is commonly called, has grown in popularity over the last several years and more and more people are interested not just in watching the sport, but in taking part in it. BJJ can be a very grueling and physically demanding sport to take part in. Ask anyone that has participated in sessions or matches for years what it was like and they can tell you how difficult not only the matches are, but just training to get yourself into fighting shape can be for you. The sport can wear you down mentally and physically, and you learn to accept the bruises, scrapes, burns and more that you get from the workouts. Training for BJJ takes great drive and determination, and you need to care for yourself physically along the way. One of the best things you can do is to invest in some BJJ compression gear to use and wear during your sessions to help protect yourself properly.

The Physical Protection You Need

Compression gear is important because it provides you with an extra layer of physical protection that you will need when you compete. One of the most common occurrences in BJJ is mat burns and scrapes. Whether you get burn marks from hitting the mat or get scrapes from fingernails and toenails of your competitors, the marks left on your skin can be dangerous for you. Wounds of this nature can easily lead sores and infections of your skin that can be problematic for you. When you wear compression gear like spats, rashguards or other compression gear, you can limit the amount of exposure your skin gets to these marks, giving you the protection you need.

Enhance Your Recovery

The right compression gear can also help you enhance your recovery from your workouts and performances. Recovering fully from your matches can be extremely difficult for you. You expect your body to ache, your muscles to be sore and to feel like you have been through the wringer. The problem is that if it takes you too long to recover, you may not be effective in the matches you have to follow later that day. Studies have indicated that the use of compression gear by athletes can help them recover faster from high-intensity workouts, so the use of compression gear may help you. The gear helps to compress your body and improve blood flow to your muscles, allowing the muscles to get higher levels of oxygen and recover faster.

Doing What You Can

You want to do what you can to help yourself when involved in training, workouts, and matches, and wearing the proper BJJ compression gear for your sessions is just one way you can help yourself. The gear can help you improve the quality of your training so that you are more effective in competitions. Take the time to invest in compression gear like spats or rashguards so you can train more comfortable, recover better, and get the physical protection you need to excel at the sport.



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