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Jack O’Toole


Full Name Jack O’Toole
Class Brazilian jiu jitsu/ Hapkido
Weight 74 kg
Rank Orange Belt black stripe
Height 5.6 ft (171cm)
Association Campbelltown Martial Arts


He started at age 4 doing Hapkido and 2 years later He started BJJ in the Will Machado Style. He joined Black Belt club where He learnt how to land a front flip and train with multiple weapons. He also teach Hapkido once a week, He started teaching the 3-7yrs old’s in 2014 and now He teach the 7-14yr old’s. His first competition was at age 7yrs and have been competing ever since. In as many comps as he can get too. He have been successful in Hapkido obtaining the rank of fourth Dan junior black belt and now am the youngest person to start the adults program joining as an Adult green belt and He has now adult blue belt. With the BJJ He have attained the level of Blue belt which is the highest belt He can have at CMA and my comp belt is Orange with a black stripe. In November, He has grading to Kids purple belt then moving up to the Adults program.


2009 (Age 4):

- 1st Sword Combat Division 1 CMA Inhouse Comp – First ever (been at the sport for 2months) Purple Belt – Orange Hapkido (August) Purple Belt – Yellow (December) – Spirit Award.

2010 (Age 5):

- Purple Belt – Green (April) Purple Belt – Blue (June) Purple Belt – Brown (August) October 2010 Joined the Eagles Class due to level of technique and maturity 1st Sword Combat CMA Inhouse Comp 1st BJJ Autumn Cup Graded 1st Stripe BJJ in the kid’s program (November) .

2011 (Age 6):

- Orange Belt Hapkido (February) 2nd Sword Combat Winter Cup CMA Inhouse Comp ABC Award Black Belt Trophy from CMA 3rd NSW Open BJJ Yellow Belt Hapkido (June) 2nd BJJ ISKA NSW Open 3rd ISKA NSW Open Green Belt Hapkido (October) Recognition of Achievement 2013 1st BJJ ISKA NSW Open 1st BJJ Spring Cup CMA Competitor of the year BJJ 2nd BJJ 8+9yrs Autumn Cup CMA Inhouse Tournament 3rd Sumo 8+9yrs Spring Cup CMA Inhouse Tournament.

2012 (Age 7):

- 2nd Stripe in the Kids Program (March) Blue Belt Hapkido (April) Student of the month CMA (May 2012) 2nd place Weapons Challenge Cup 3rd Sumo 7yrs Olympic Cup Challenge CMA Inhouse tournament 3rd BJJ 7yrs Olympic Cup Challenge CMA Inhouse tournament 2nd Highest Cat Roll CMA Inhouse tournament 3rd Stripe in the Senior Children’s BJJ Program CMA Black Belt Excellence in Training 1st BJJ Australia ISKA Open 1st Sumo Australia ISKA Open 3rd BJJ Triple Bull Open Invite only to compete in ISKA Best of the Best Australasian Titles Brown Belt Hapkido (October) Commendation of achievement for dedication and strong training ethics during 2012.

2013 (Age 8):

- 4th Stripe BJJ (March) 1st Sydney Trials Abu Dhabi World profession Jui Jitsu Championships. 1st CCP ISKA Championships Red Belt Hapkido (June) 5th Stripe BJJ 2nd Highest Cat Roll April CMA Inhouse tournament Advertiser Newspaper Article (published in Local newspaper) Red Belt set for Black. Black Belt Hapkido November 2014 Team Leader of the Year CMA (November) Blue Belt, 1st Purple Stripe BJJ.

2014 (Age 9):

- Provisional Black Belt Hapkido (February) 2nd BJJ ISKA Australian Open Blue Belt in the Children’s program BJJ (March) 3rd BJJ Sydney Cup 2nd BJJ Sydney Cup Invite Only World Martial Arts Alliance Gold 2nd Sword Division 1, Best of 2014 CMA Inhouse tournament 2nd Sumo Division 1, Best of 2014 CMA Inhouse tournament 3rd 9-10yrs BJJ April 2014 CMA Inhouse tournament 3rd Sumo 9-10yrs BJJ April 2014 CMA Inhouse tournament Student of the Year CMA Began teaching 4-7yr old’s in Hapkido (Youngest Team Leader) 5 years Commitment and dedication training plaque from CMA 3rd BJJ ISKA/ISJA NSW Open 3rd BJJ 17th Australian ISKA World Cup 3rd Highest Cat Roll CMA Inhouse tournament Best of 2014 3rd BJJ Australian titles Qualified for Nationals Acknowledgement of Commitment from CMA CMA Team Leader of the year 2nd ISKA BJJ 3rd Sumo 9-10yrs CMA October Challenge Inhouse Tournament 3rd Sword Combat 9-10yrs CMA October Challenge Inhouse Tournament Junior Black Belt- 2nd DAN.

2015 (Age 10):

- Junior Black Belt – 1st DAN Junior Sports Star Nominee – Newspaper Article 1st BJJ ISKA 2nd Autumn Tournament 9-10yrs CMA Inhouse tournament 1st BJJ 9-10yrs CMA Inhouse October Challenge 3rd No GI 9-10yrs CMA Inhouse October Challenge Blue Belt, 2nd Purple Stripe in Children’s BJJ 2nd BJJ Sydney Cup 2015 Circuit 2nd Sumo 9-10 years 9-10yrs CMA Inhouse Autumn tournament 2nd BJJ Sydney Cup 3rd BJJ Sydney Cup 2nd ISKA BJJ 2nd Will Machado Championships 2nd BJJ Events 3rd BJJ Triple Bull Open 2nd Sydney Cup Circuit 2nd Longest Cat Roll CMA October Challenge Inhouse Tournament 2nd Highest Cat Roll CMA Autumn Inhouse Tournament Junior Black Belt- 4th DAN 1st BJJ 11-12yrs Spring Cup CMA Inhouse Tournament 1st 11-12yrs Sword Combat CMA Inhouse Tournament.

2016 (Age 11):

- Voted Year 6 School House Captain on the Leadership Team at St Johns 2nd No GI Sydney Cup 2nd GI Sydney Cup Junior Black Belt- 3rd DAN 2nd Triple Bull Open 1st ISKA CCP Australian Open 2016 BJJ Competitor of the year CMA 1st Events Jui Jitsu GI 1st Events Jui Jitsu No GI 3rd Spring Cup CMA Highest Cat Roll Inhouse Tournament 3rd 11-12yrs Longest Cat Roll CMA Inhouse Tournament 3rd Sumo 11-12yrs Longest Cat Roll CMA Inhouse Tournament 2nd BJJ ISKA CMA Commendation 3rd 11-12yrs Longest Cat Roll CMA Autumn Inhouse Tournament Yellow 2nd Stripe BJJ (December).

2017 (Age 12):

- Began training as an Adult in Hapkido as a Green Belt Moved to teaching the 7-14yr old’s in Hapkido 2nd BJJ ISKA 1st BJJ NSW Open Graded for BJJ Coloured Belt – Orange Sponsored by Future FighterZ 1st Winter Cup NSW Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation 2nd BJJ Grappling Industries Round Robin 2nd Sydney Cup BJJ (fought up in the 13-14yrs) 2nd No GI Sydney Cup (fought up in the 13-14yrs) Graded to Blue Belt Adults Hapkido 1st BJJ Grappling Industries Round Robin Sponsored by ELITE 2nd BJJ Will Machado Gathering (Nationals) 1st Round Robin Tournament Grappling Industries. 1st Summer Cup 2017 NSW BJJF Awarded 2017 Excellence in sportsmanship.

2018 (Age13):

- 1st Events Jui Jitsu GI CMA BJJ Instructor for kids (7-16yrs old).


Q&A Session Between Jack O’Toole and Elite Sports

Question: What inspires you about BJJ? MMA?

Answer: I just love doing the sport.

Question: What are your goals for this year? Next 3 years? Next 5 years?

Answer: In the next 5years I hope to be a provisional Black belt in Hapkido, I also hope in BJJ I am blue belt with a black stripe.

Question: Who inspires you, past or present? Why do they inspire you?

Answer: Michael Scott the owner of the gym, as one day I would like to be like him a 7th Dan black belt in hapkido adults and a black belt in BJJ.

Question: Any major accomplishments you’ve been able to achieve in that time?

Answer: I have a separate list of accomplishments.

Question: Do you have a go-to finishing move?

Answer: I love to do triangle.

Question: How long have you been training?

Answer: 9 years

Question: How often do you train??

Answer: Monday – Hapkido, Tuesday- BJJ, Wednesday -Hapkido, Thursday- BJJ, Friday -Teaching Hapkido then BJJ and Saturday Black belt club- weapons training Generally 6 nights a week unless I have a lot of homework or a big exam, injury or sick. Other than that, I am there.

Question: What do you think it takes to be a champion in your sports?

Answer: Hard work, commitment, dedication and love of the sport.

Question: What sort of gear do you usually keep in your gym bag before hitting the gym? Do you have different items for specific days?

Answer: Yes, I have 3 different bags, 1 bag is small for Hapkido which contains MITs and UFC gloves, drink bottle. The second Bag is bigger for BJJ which has my mouth guard, rash vest and no GI pants for when we train NO GI and drink bottle. Then my Comp bag is huge and that has my GI after clothes, no GI shorts and another rash vest. Plus, competition belt (I must remember to take my mouth guard out of the BJJ bag) Drink bottle and snacks for the day as sometimes it is a long wait.

Question: How long have you been training?and competing?

Answer: Started at age 4, (9yrs).

Question: How did you get involved in Jiu-Jitsu/Wrestling/Muay Thai/Judo/Etc?

Answer: I was a very hypo energitic boy and did flips off the lounge so Mum and Dad found a Martial arts that had flips in it so I could learn how to do them safely.

Question: What does your nickname mean and how did you get it?

Answer: I used to be called Jacky Chan my main man by my friends at Hapkido, it was just a spin off from my actual name.

Question: When did you know you wanted to continue to train and compete day after day?

Answer: I have always loved Martial Arts I used to sell my own toys to help Mum raise money to enter the tournaments as they are really expensive.

Question: What gym/gyms do you train at? and if you train at multiple gyms why do you train at each one of them?

Answer: Campbelltown Martial Arts. For the last 5 years when ever I have had a birthday party I have only invited people from Martial Arts as I am very close to them, they are my best friends. I don't even invite anyone from school, not even my best friends from school.

Question: What is your favorite style/favorite finishing move?

Answer: (strike, submission, takedown, armbar,etc) Triangle.

Question: What makes you different than your competitors?

Answer: My sportsmanship.

Question: Do you have a favorite quote or slogan that you go by? If so, what is it?

Answer: No

Question: Who has been most important to your development as an athlete?

Answer: My parents.

Question: If you were stranded on an island and could have three things only, what would they be?

Answer: A tourch, food and fresh water.

Question: What does being a martial artist mean to you?

Answer: Confident, believing in myself.

Question: What does being an official Future FighterZ member mean to you?

Answer: It makes me feel proud to say they are my sponsor.

Question: When you're not training or competing what do you like to do in your free time?

Answer: Complete my homework, play with the dogs and electronics.

Question: If you could have a single fight against anyone, who would it be and why?

Answer: (BJJ, Judo, MMA, Muay Thai, any fight/fighter of your choosing) Reegan Machado because he is inspriational person to me.

Question: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment to date?

Answer: Black Belt Fourth Dan in Hapkido.

Question: What is your favorite fighting movie?

Answer: Karate Kid.

Question: Who is your favorite fighter?

Answer: (out of any combat sports fighters) Conor McGregor.

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Answer: A police prosecutor.

Question: Would you like to give anybody a shoutout, or send a public thank you?

Answer: I would like to thank you for having me on your team.



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