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Kalil Gibran Henrichs Pinto


Full Name Kalil Gibran Henrichs Pinto
Class Lightweight
Weight 145 lbs
Rank Black Belt
Height 5'6"
Association Australian Team



Key Achievements
- Founded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School Australia (BJJSA) in 2017 with the main goal to provide martial arts classes to community organisations, including those working with young adults with special needs, disadvantaged and homeless young people, working with organisations such as ‘Warrah Society’ and ‘Youth Off the Street’.
- Coordinated Jiu Jitsu classes and courses for five military bases in the UAE managing 20 staff members and overseeing classes with over 110 students on a daily basis.
- Volunteered as a Jiu Jitsu Instructor for special needs children at Sheikh Zayed Humanitarian Centre 2013-2016.
- Part of the Instructors team selected to coach the UAE Jiu Jitsu (UAEJJ) National Team UAEJJ.
- Part of the Black Belts National UAEJJ Team
- Founder of BJJSA ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School Australia ) March 2017.

- 2017 January Grappling Industries Gi Black/Brown belt Gold in weight division and bronze in the open weight division
- 2017 February Australia National Pro Bronze medallist ( Black Belt)
- 2017 March IBJJF Sydney Open Gi silver medallist (Black Belt)
- 2017 March IBJJF No Gi Champion (Black Belt)
- 2017 June Australia Sub Only Competition – Silver medallist ( Black Belt)
- 2017 July NSW State Championship silver medallist. (Black Belt)
- 2015 Ras Al Khaimah Bronze Gi and No Gi.(Black Belt)
- 2015 Abu Dhabi Open Silver Medalist ( Black Belt )
- 2012 London Open IBJJF Silver ( Brown Belt )
- 2010 British Open Championship Silver (Purple Belt)
- 2010 British Open Championship Bronze (Purple belt open weight division)
- 2002 Brazilian Nationals Silver (Blue Belt)
- 2000/2001 São Paulo State Championship Bronze
- 1999 São Paulo State Champion



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